Picking Best Holster For Concealed Carry


Concealed carry holsters are very important to gun owners. Even those that live in open-carry states often times prefer to conceal their weapon. When considering which holster to buy, it is a good idea to go to a gun shop that has an eclectic mix of holsters, because in this way you can find out which holsters work best for you. The most important factor is to be able to quickly and easily gain access to your gun. This is a factor that is going to be different for everyone, and it is also something that you have to experience to know what works for you. Having a great holster, yet not being able to draw your gun quickly enough is the epitome of ineffective. That being said, there are some holsters that are perfectly popular across the board.


The N82 Tactical holster is a popular holster for a number of reasons. One of the most popular features is the 3-layers of different materials that are found on the inside of the holster, or that which is against your skin. The layer that is closest to your skin is a suede-like layer designed to prevent friction and for maximum comfort. This layer of material is also designed to keep the holster in place, so in the event you sweat, it is not sliding around as it might if this layer was made of a different material. After the suede layer, one will find a neoprene layer. Back to the discussion about sweat, we all know water and metal do not mix well. Neoprene is the material that wet suits are made of, and it is no accident there is a layer of this in the N82 holster. It is designed to keep your body sweat away from your gun, completely avoiding the deleterious rust factor. The next layer of material, or that which is what your gun is closest to, is leather. This keeps your gun in place, while also providing some protection and cushioning. This leather layer is very important for securely keeping your gun in place while concealed-carrying.


The “Blackhawk Leather Speed Classic” is a very popular holster mainly because it is small and easy to use. It is a holster designed to be worn outside the waistband of your pants, and it is designed to carry a J-Frame revolver. It is made from leather with an accompanying elastic panel to make sure your gun is adequately held in place. The reason this holster is very popular is the design makes it very easy to do a quick draw. Simply rocking the revolver forward against the elastic strap will have you protecting yourself in seconds. It is a smartly-designed holster that will help you carry your gun both securely and discreetly.


“The Braveheart,” or the William Wallace, is a SmartCarry holster design that was originally worn as a sporran with kilts. The sporran was designed as a pouch to be worn with the pocket-less kilt and provided a place to put a few personal items. Everything from a .22 to a .45 can be carried in the Braveheart. This holster is designed with a leather strap that goes around your waist, and this snag-free pouch is suspended under your pants, right in the front, and is securely held in place with a adjustable strap. The draw is as simple as reaching in one’s pants and removing the gun.


A very popular pocket holster is the “Recluse.” Many pocket holsters, although they succeed at holding your gun in place and protecting the trigger, they fail to conceal the outline of your gun, which is highly ineffective for those wishing to conceal the fact that they are carrying. The Recluse was designed with a thick layer of leather that serves to both hold your gun in place as well as conceal the fact that you are carrying a gun. The leather panel on the Recluse is hinged making it particularly easy for you to quickly draw your gun from its holster when needed. Having thought of everything, the Recluse also comes in a design that is perfect for cargo pants pockets.


Not everyone wants to concealed-carry at their waist, and for those that prefer an ankle or calf holster, Galco makes the “Ankle Glove.” The reason so many who like an ankle-carry holster like the Ankle Glove is because the ankle strap is made from wide and thick neoprene, which affords the user both security of knowing your gun is going to stay in place, and providing comfort by sparing the user from having uncomfortable materials rubbing against their skin. This holster can also be worn higher up on the calf, as it has an adjustable strap.


Galco has another concealed-carry holster for those that prefer to carry their gun at their waist. This is a flexible way to adequately conceal your gun while being able to access it very quickly. The design of the “Underwrap Belly Band” allows users to either wear it high up under a shirt, at their waist, or wear it even lower, as your personal comfort dictates. There are, however, several options which many might take advantage of depending on what they are wearing.


These are some of the top concealed-carry holsters as reported by users in their reviews. They are all popular because they keep guns safely holstered, in comfortable materials, and all provide quick access. Concealed-carry, even in open carry states, is very popular. This list should help you arrive at a holster that meets your needs and helps you feel that are safely carrying your gun.

Women And The Concealed Carry holsters


Concealed Carry Holsters For Women

Women are carrying guns more and more, especially in the United States. They are starting to become the demographic that gun manufacturers, and those that manufacture gun accoutrements, are starting to target. For those women who prefer to concealed-carry, there are a number of options.


Undertech Compression Concealment Holster Shorts

These are very popular shorts that are worn under whatever jeans or pants you are wearing, and they are designed with 2 holsters in the back. Your gun can slip nicely into one of the 2 compression holders that are ocated directly above the buttocks, and perfect for both securely carrying a weapon and concealing it. This is not like wearing a holster at all, and these shorts made of a spandex-cotton blend are also quite comfortable. This comfort-factor and their ease-of-use make them very attractive amongst women in law enforcement. For those that have to carry all day as a function of their employment, these shorts are a popular holster. They are available in both white and black.


Undertech Undercover Women’s Concealment Holster Tank Top

Anatomically speaking, women do have some advantages when it comes to concealed carrying. These smartly-designed tank tops from Undertech have a holster built into the tank top and the gun is positioned to either the left or the right of the carriers chest. This tank top can easily be worn under a light jacket, cardigan or coat, and it would be virtually impossible to know that this tank top is doing double-duty as a holster. The compression fabric used is also designed to keep the user cool, wicking away sweat. They thought of everything when they designed these tank tops as there are 7 concealed pockets for storing your belongings. These tank tops also come in both white and black.


5.11 Tactical Women’s Holster Shirt

These shirts are designed with holsters built-in, and there is one on the left side of the chest area and one on the right. Congruent with understanding the need for comfort, these are made from a combination of spandex and cotton, making them breathable and easy to wear all day. The holsters will securely keep your gun in place, and if this is worn with a jacket, very quick and easy access to your gun is just seconds away. Women absolutely need to have immediate access to their guns when concealed-carrying, and perhaps even more than men when confronted with a threatening situation. These shirts are well-made and cleverly designed, which makes them very popular amongst women looking to concealed-carry while omitting any associated clumsiness that might overtake one during a quick-draw situation. That being said, these are probably a very good option for those who are just starting to concealed-carry as their ease-of-use is a design hallmark.


Flashbang Bra Holster

Fully leveraging the female anatomical structure, this holster clips to the front of the carrier’s bra. It is also designed to take advantage of the bras underwire design, using that design to further secure the gun and hold it in place. Women who use this very popular holster report that it is very comfortable, does not pinch or poke the user, and this holster also makes it easy to draw their gun. The one limitation with it is that smaller bodied guns are best used with this type of holster. This holster is also designed to be carried high-up, directly under the breast line, or lower down, closer to the waist. It really depends on the comfort of the user.


Ankle Holsters

Every time a woman who owns a gun goes out for the evening, they are not necessarily anticipating needing to use their gun, but they like to know it is there. That being said, and with the popularity of wide-leg pants and boot cut jeans, ankle holsters are a popular alternative to a waist or shoulder holster for a woman. “Femme Fatale” makes lace ankle holsters for women that are both fashionable and utilitarian. There is a hidden pocket inside of this ankle holster, and the holster itself looks more like a sleeve. There is also a hidden plastic shield between the ankle and gun that provides additional comfort. Concealment is not a problem as it was designed so that it is within the contour of your leg, making the fact that you are carrying going without notice. These holsters come in an array of colors also.


Adjustable Retention Waistband Holster

Waistband concealed-carrying is popular amongst women. There are a plethora of options to suit carriers with waistband interests. Add to this that women will not always use the same holster, having an array of options is more important to female gun carriers. Most of these style holsters come with an adjustable clip that fits over the belt, and can be used literally anywhere on the waist.


Shoulder Holster

This is another style of holster that is popular amongst women. One of the most important features of this holster is the ability for the carrier to access their firearm with the greatest of ease. Simply sliding your hand inside your jacket, your gun will be in your hand in seconds flat. This might be something a woman considers using when going into a situation that might pose some dangers. Federal agents, and other women in law enforcement are partial to this type of holster as it is comfortable to wear all day, and immediate access to their gun is essential in their dangerous line of work.



There are garter holsters, hip-huggers holsters, corset-style, and sport belts among others. The market for women carrying guns is growing, and the accessories market is keeping pace with that growth. There are many options, and surely every woman looking to concealed-carry a gun will find a number of holsters that will help them achieve that goal.

Best Belly Holsters for Concealed Carry


The subject of safety has become top on the various concerns of women these days. As a result, you find lots of them walking around with firearms. In order to carry these weapons around they need holsters that will conceal them so that they are not so obvious for everybody to know. There are so many concealed carry holsters available, but one of the most common amongst them is belly holsters for concealed carry. Basically, a belly holster for concealed carry a wide elasticized length of material with one or more pockets and is fastened with clips in the back. This is one of the holsters considered ideal for any woman.


Why a Belly Band Holster is your Ideal Choice

One of the most versatile and best place for a conceal carry holster is a woman’s belly band – it is very effective in carrying firearms wearing our various dresses. One of the reasons why a belly holster for concealed carry is a better choice is that women are known to have shorter waists compared to men and as such a belly band feels just comfortable and less cumbersome on them.


Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Belly Holsters for Women

Like any product that is worth the while, finding the best concealed carry holster can be a daunting experience and as such we have done the work of selecting the best of holsters you can get in the markets. Listed below are reviews of top 5 best concealed holsters for women.



  1. Desantis Belle Band Holster

This holster is black in color and features many pockets – three to be precise. It is designed to accommodate your firearm/gun, the second for a spare magazine and the one left is for other small items; this product features one of the thickest materials. These are ideal holsters to carry to any kind of activities





l Good construction

l Perfect with tucked and un-tucked shirts

l Holds firearm securely



l Incredibly rough and scratchy edges

l Cannot accommodate large firearm

l It easily angles away from torso



  1. The Original Belly Band

This is considered one the most versatile. It is designed for fairly thin elastic. This is one carry holsters that can be used by shooters that are both right and left handers. It features two pockets, plus a lot reserve for a spare magazine and slots to be used for a variety of other items. This belly holsters is especially ideal for small-medium weapons.




l Flexible



l Doesn’t take much to notice under s tucked in out fit

l It can get really hot compared to other holsters.




  1. AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster – Abdominal Band Pistol Holder

This concealed holster features an ambidextrous design. It is breathable and made of light weight material in order to control its production of excessive perspiration. It features two fire arm and two loops for the spares magazines. The Alpha Holder allows for small to medium sized firearms.




l Very comfortable



l Magazines loops do not fit large magazines; and they are snug



  1. Bull Dog Medium Deluxe Wrap Holster

These belly holsters consists of 6 inches and pockets for two and spare magazines. It goes further by including a pocket for cash. This way nothing is left. One uniqueness about his holster is that, it is wide, compared to any other holsters. With the bulldog medium deluxe, you can carry larger firearms compared to other carry holsters.




l Excellent design

l Can be worn whether tucked or un-tucked



l It is possible for the weapons to come loose from its pockets when banding to the ground




  1. Belly Band with 2 Mad Pouches

This is one holster that serves more than just belly band, it goes ahead to serve as a dual magazine carrier. This is said to provide excellent concealment all the way round. It features a typical hook and loop closure and helps you adjust it the way you want it. This is a perfect holster for your standard pistol

The above reviewed belly holsters are great for whether daily carry or during specific activities; and this is one advantage it has over all others.





l It comes with un-noisy snap to keep holster in place

l Spin it to any position of your choice



l Absence of retention straps, making it unsafe and unsecure

l Not a quick draw holster




What to Consider before Choosing a Belly Holsters for Concealed Carry

When it comes to belly holsters, one of the first considerations to be made is how comfortable it is on you. The perfect conceal holster to go for must be one that tends to strike a balance between com fort, concealment and accessibility.


All over the globe, women are of the opinion that there are potential threats all around and as such they need to be prepared just in case it comes face to face with them. The belly holsters for concealed carry has gone a long way to help the situation, plus it offers a lot of comfort. A belly holster is a great way to keep your gun well concealed on you.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Small of the Back Holster


The history of the handgun holster is quite a long one. The best carry for concealed carry is the small of the back holster. There are many great small of the back holsters for guns these days and so many designs to choose from. Finding a great fit for one’s tastes is easy and affordable.


Holsters have been an easy way to carry weapons for a long time. The choice for carrying guns is quite important if the need is a security issue. Handguns should be accessible in case of any reason for self-defense. Something may happen while out on the town. There and is not any time to think before reacting to a situation. The small of the back holster is the best choice in situations such as this for protection. The accessibility of a weapon is important for protection. Durability is another important factor for carrying a weapon. You want quality made products for your holster of choice.


The small of the back holster offers protection to the handgun of choice. It is also designed to secure it in place for carrying. Easy access is the obvious reason for having a holster. Getting a quality made holster makes the difference. There are many accidents which occur every day from improperly carried handguns. A small of the back holster just makes sense for safety as well as security.


The best holster position is six o’clock for easy reach and surprise effect. Retention is important when transporting a handgun. The holster you choose will be judged on how effectively it carries its weight. Keeping a hand gun secure in its place as you carry it but still giving you quick access to it for security.


The state you live in has concealed and carry laws that differ for your region. Be sure to check with your local Sheriff’s office. The reason is because it is a must to look these ordinances up and know exactly what the laws are. After you find out what is permissible according to the law. Then you can choose the best way to carry from the options presented to you in the laws.


Positioning is often very important for the small of the back holster. Having the optimal position has three factors that must be considered. Number one, does your position choice fit you perfectly? Number two, which position fits you perfectly? Number three; is this the best position for security? This is the first thing to check on before deciding to purchase a small of the back holster. There are other useful positions for using this convenient carrying method for a firearm. Time coordinates are the usual guide for positioning the holster in a secured position.


Your handgun should be an extension of you physically so practice is also a factor when carrying a firearm. It is a must to get to the range and keep your firearm skills in tip top shape. This is part of the responsibility of carrying a firearm in a small of the back holster. When carrying in a quiet place that is hidden it becomes the responsibility of the one who carries the firearm. Understanding gun safety rules and keeping them in check and up to date in your mind is very important for concealed carry restrictions. Keep up with the laws and the restrictions so you can always carry with all legality out of the way.


Small of the back is abbreviated by using SOB and it is best when standing in position for a long time. This option is best for those who work security in crowds. It is not comfortable for sitting positions. Bodyguards and back up security usually need a good small of the back holster for work. It is the most comfortable for standing or walking in a crowded venue. The usual position is six o’clock and this is the standard positioning for optimum comfort.


The popularity of this type of holster is divided into two groups. This is a love/hate relationship. Many people absolutely adore the small of the back holster. These die-hard fans will fight for their holster of choice. Some manufacturers will offer a lifetime guarantee on their holsters. Be sure to check out all the offers out there to compare the best holster financially. The materials are made so fine that they guarantee their work.


The concern of safety is very important for the person carrying a firearm. The main concern is falling on a firearm. If one falls while in pursuit of safety will the firearm discharge? The small of the back holster you choose should have this as a main benefit. The design for the holster you choose should have the proper elements you need to fulfill the safety and security responsibilities when carrying a firearm legally for physical security.




Top five best hunting flashlights 2016


Hunting is among those sports you can enjoy at night or during the day, however, all this will depend on what exactly you will be hunting. If you decide to do some night hunting, then you will need to find the best hunting flashlight you could use. As a hunter, you are aware a big part of being successful in your hunting largely depends on the equipment that you have. Additionally, having the right equipment for hunting could also be the most important thing for your survival in the wild. Thus, we have identified the five best hunting flashlights that you could use for your next expedition.


Best hunting flashlights


When looking for a good flashlight for hunting, there a few pointers you will need to consider. The first thing you will need to know is, having the brightest flashlight does not immediately mean it is going to be the best choice. The reason being, there is a lot that goes into making the LED hunting lights to be the best. As a result, one of the first things you will need to look at in a hunting flashlight is the accessories it comes with or the type of accessories you might need to purchase. The best hunting flashlight tends to have a variety of accessories. The accessories include different lenses, gun mounts, and diffusers, just to name a few. So let us go straight to the best hunting flashlight you could purchase.


  1. The Fenix TK32


The Fenix TK32 is among the best hunting flashlight as it has a colored lens or LED, this is in red, green and blue lighting option, it was certainly designed with hunters in mind. Other than the fantastic light the flashlight offers; a good throw is also required for a successful hunt. You will need to be able to illuminate the object that is up ahead, and this is exactly what Fenix TK32 delivers. This is all thanks to its oversized head and the Cree XM-L2 U2 LED. The flashlight offers a dual tail switch that helps you as a hunter to control the hunting light, as you can turn on the flashlight shortly and be in control of the output selection.


  1. Olight M20S-HS3


The flashlight is for those individuals who are looking for high-quality hunting light that is directly from a high-quality manufacturer. It has been found that, Olight is among the only lights in its size of 5.5 inches long and 1.39-inch diameter, which has been specially made for hunting. The flashlight comes with an exquisite package having green, blue and red filters that can be used to preserve your night vision. Not forgetting, a mount is included in the package, which will allow you to attach it securely to any weapon that you might be using that has dual magnets. A side switch has been carefully designed for the item, which will allow you to switch quickly between the modes and a memory function that will help you easily recall the last power setting that you used.


  1. Eagletac P20A2 MKII


Most hunters have considered the Eagletac P20A2 as the best flashlight. The reason being, it has several different filters that you can use to preserve your night vision accompany it. The filters come in yellow, blue, green and red. The choices are always good to have in hand; as you never know at what time during your hunt, you might need a specific one. The flashlight has been designed with different modes; this includes the SOS mode that can run on a good pair of AA batteries. Let us not forget the glow in the dark switch boot and the diffuser, making the flashlight ideal to be used on those dark nights you are in the woods.


  1. Nitecore SRT3


What makes the particular flashlight the best for hunting is the fact that you can switch between red, blue and white LED light source. The red lighting source is excellent for preserving your night vision while the blue LED is superb in situations you are tracking blood. The size of the flashlight makes it an attractive option if you are looking to have a backup flashlight. However, despite its size, it has an amazing throw, this is all thanks to the large alloy reflector. Additionally, it also comes with six rapidly switching modes, which include the S0S, strobe and the continuously variable brightness level.


  1. Olight M2X-UT Javelot


It has a long-range flashlight, making hunting an entirely new game. The flashlight can offer you one of the best throws you can find around due to its large head. It has a custom dedomed emitter, which helps in increasing the throw. Making the Olight M2X the longest throwing night light for hunting that uses only a single 18650 battery. It has a tail cap creatively designed in a manner it can be replaced with a remote pressure switch. The features of this flashlight are endless; let us not forget the filters in red, green and blue that you can purchase to help in the preservation of night light.


Having an excellent flashlight included in your equipment makes hunting much easier. What tends to be the problem is identifying the flashlight that can be suited to your needs. Well, from the list above we have made the process much easier for you.